The top 5 mobile online casino gaming apps

Do you love online casino gaming? Do you wish that you could break away from your desktop in order to gamble? If you have answered yes to either of those questions your prayers have now almost certainly been answered. The smart device that you carry around is now more than just a phone, it is a walking and talking gambling tool that is juts waiting to be accessed. Through iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and Android devices you can now gamble from anywhere that a data or Internet connection is available. Pushing the potential of the industry to new heights, mobile casino gaming is where the industry is heading in 2016.

Playing mobile casino games couldn’t be any easier, with the following apps working to keep you connected on the go.

No. 1 – Mobilbet

Coming in at No. 1 is the mobile casino name that was on everyones lips during 2015. Mobilbet have quite literally gatecrashed the market with a simply jaw-dropping mobile casino app, earning them some really solid recommendations from MrCasinon as well as many other leading online casino guides. Leaving no stone unturned during the development stage, what has been created is a high-quality gambling tool that leaves the competition in its wake. Available on Android and iOS devices, if you want a wide selection of games along with a slice of sports betting, then make sure to try out Mobilbet.

No. 2 – 888 Casino

While it may not feel as modern as Betway’s app, what 888 offers is certainly impressive. Making sure that players can have access to the very best games around the clock, 888 chooses to work with a who’s who of mobile casino game software developers. Installing the app can be done in just a matter of seconds, with 100s of games being made immediately available. In a useful feature, the 888 app also features innovative customer support options in the form of SMS and email-based assistance.

No. 3 –

It presents the most sought after domain name within the world of online casino gaming and something that Mansion paid a pretty penny to claim. is often players’ first port of call for an online casino gaming and now the same can be applied to mobile casino gaming as well. Providing players with what they claim to be the easiest to use mobile casino app currently available, the app is available for use on a multitude of different operating systems. Slots, table games, scratch cards and much more, make the mobile casino app a download worth considering.

No. 4 – EuroGrand

Labelled as a mobile casino of “unparalleled quality”, EuroGrand is a mobile casino that has money in its name. Currently available through Windows, Android and iOS hosted devices; EuroGrand is backed by Playtech, which stands as proof of this mobile casino’s high quality. What separates it from the other mobile casinos is how it tries to be all things to all players. Not just focussing on modern games, it also plays host to various classic online slot games of yesteryear.

No. 5 – William Hill

Last but by no means least there is William Hill. While a longstanding name in the world of online casino gaming, it has taken them a little longer to adapt to the mobile casino landscape. However, after some serious work they have refined their offering to become one of the best mobile casino apps around. Keep an eye our for the William Hill mobile casino app should you want to try something a little different.

An introduction to live blackjack

Blackjack has been played by millions of people for hundreds of years, as the game officially dates back to the 17th Century. If history is to be believed it was Miguel de Cervantes (famous Don Quixote author) who brought the game into the limelight. In those days the game was conducted through simple table play, but in 2015 the game has evolved tenfold. Through different eras in time the game has been tweaked and has shifted through the gears as far as entertainment value is concerned. This year, while various forms of online blackjack provide entertainment, it is live blackjack that rules the roost as far as intrigue and innovation is concerned. No longer held back by the limitations of animations, the web stream platform has set the online blackjack concept free. If you are contemplating playing a hand or two of live blackjack then you have come to the right place. In this guide we talk you through the concept, what it entails, and how exactly you can get started.

How does live blackjack work?

For years the biggest complaint regarding online blackjack was the games lack of atmosphere. After going back to the drawing board, developers figured out how inject the land-based casino atmosphere into the online domain and thus live blackjack was invented. Such games run through a web stream setup, which means player see real live action unfold before their very eyes. Making real-time betting decisions, players can use the on-screen interface to issue instructions to the dealer, with some even allowing for audio interaction. Live casino gaming blends together the very best of online and land-based play in a single concise package.

Are live blackjack games fair?

It is the biggest concern of all players when it comes to live blackjack, as the fairness of the game has been a hot-topic for some time. The reality is that the fairness of the game your play will largely be determined by the type of online casino you play at. Should you play at some of the leading online casino names you’ll find that they implement Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG). This complex algorithm ensures that all live casino based games are conducted fairly. However, should you play at casinos that operate unregulated then you may find that they don’t afford players such luxury and you’ll simply have to take their word that are providing you with a fair live blackjack experience. For more information about where exactly you can play a fair and honest game of live blackjack, be sure to visit an online casino portal.

Why is it better than standard online blackjack?

If wasn’t already clear, live blackjack offers players all the benefits of internet based play, with the added incentive of real dealer interaction. No longer built upon an animated setup, live blackjack bridges the game between real-life play and GUI based play. Another big plus is how easy it is to start playing live blackjack, given that it takes place through a live stream, as long as you have played with real cards before you will have no issue in getting to grips with live blackjack play. There is no denying it, in the coming years live blackjack will become the standard bearer as far as online blackjack play is concerned.

If you are ready to kick-start your live blackjack journey, pay a visit to Sveriges Casinon where you will be able to find several reviews of casinos that specialize in live casino gaming. There you will be able to see who’s offering what when it comes to live blackjack, all the while grabbing yourself an online casino bonus in the process.